The behavior of gluons, which are the carrier of the strong interaction, which provide at the subatomic level to the stability of all matter and are permanently responsible for the changes and adjustments of all the physical forms. Just as  with the outer human shell also is the planet constantly subjected to a everlasting systematic change in his appearance.
Unfortunately, these changes in the outer earth's crust are often associated with the suffering and death from people who are all affected unfortunately. The people however must to the future learn by that only a cohesion and the global sympathy together is also with the world associated what a help for those of the disaster affected people is and as a human duty and of compassion of all what lives and it works only is in the community as collective beings.
 Later, however, when there the death is no meaning in the modern sense more has, on our human international community will all recognize that behind all the destruction and the resulting disasters nevertheless a positives planing is underlying and that actually the death itself is not more important because then the collective humanity recognizes that they is not mortal in the higher sense.  wb 2016

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